Setting My Sights

This year, I am joining The Nester’s 31 Day Challenge.  I am going to be writing on the theme, “Setting My Sights.”

In this series, I will focus on setting my sights on the Lord first and foremost.  From this center, I will explore how to move on with discerning how to set my sights on His plans for my life.  I look forward to sifting through the questions of my heart: how do I know when I’ve set my sights on the Lord and not my own glory?  How do I be content with whatever state I’m in and dream and plan and yearn for everything the Lord may have in store for me?  How do I find out what the Lord has in store for me–where He wants me to go?

Join me for the journey: 31 Days of Setting My Sights


All the posts in the series will be added to this page each day of October.

Day 1: After the Settle Down

Day 2: My Prayer Today

Day 3: Confession

Day 4: A Thanks To

Day 5: Think on These Things

Day 6: I Might Be an A-Hole

Day 7: A Head Butt to the Face

Day 8: From Here

Day 9: Four Questions to Fire You Up

Day 10: One Thing I Know

Day 11: I’ve Been Down, But…


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