Four Questions to Fire You Up

Today is day nine in a 31 day series, “Setting My Sights,” which focuses on setting my sights on God, then what He has next in store for me.

Today I am going to answer four “Fire Starter Questions” taken from the book The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.  I found these questions through Faith at Sweet Violet Photography and her blog post, “What’s next, what’s now and the faithfulness of God.”


Question #1:  When someone at a party asks you “What Do You Do,” what do you say?  And how do you feel when you say it?

When someone asks me what I do, I say I am a daycare teacher.  In those moments, I don’t really mind it too much because I love children and don’t value social status too much.  But when I think about it myself, I feel somehow that a daycare teacher is not the right fit for me, not my “big girl job,” nor exercising my full potential.  But what does that mean?

Question #2:  When do you feel powerful, passionate, free, incredibly useful, excited, inspired?

I feel these things when I am free and independent.  When I am able to do my own thing.  When I am working on a project I am passionate about.  I felt these things much, much more when I was in college and I thought of new projects or I was a part of projects that sparked my values, ideals, and creative power.  I also feel this way when soul-connecting with a friend or family member and when I spend time with animals, children, and in the outdoors (especially when doing ALL of these things).

Question #3:  What’s chronic, repetitive, or inflamed in your inner or outer life?

 This is a really hard one.

Everything?  Nothing in particular?

My marriage is particularly inflamed, and that is why it is central to my prayers and many of my blog posts.  It is an area I seek much healing and growth in from the Lord.

My home life and my work life both feel stale, empty, lifeless, and on auto-pilot.  That’s why I was beyond elated when I was able to buy tickets to fly home to Minnesota where all of my family is for Thanksgiving.  They give me the feelings in question #2.


Question #4:  What’s always in the back of your mind?

 This is a scary question.

Being freed up to do whatever I want.  Being a supermom.  Helping people.  Spending way, way more time with my family.  Living a life free to do a lot of hobbies and laughing and just free-living.  Living a life with a boatload more of love given and received.

In the back of my mind is also the scary thought that I’m going in the wrong direction with my life.  Which always makes me crazy-brainstorm new directions.

It makes me imagine new careers and feel flabbergasted, stunned, clueless about how to know which directions would be good for me.

As of late, I’ve been thinking about becoming a nurse-midwife…

And this was the tangential thought process that led to this series, folks.


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