A Head Butt to the Face

Sometimes setting your sights isn’t full of light and clarity.  Sometimes it’s like today when I was trying to reason with a preschooler.  He had already hit me, scratched me, and tried to scramble away from me.  I could feel myself getting pent up and aggravated so I took a deep breath, looked into the little boy’s face, and thought a little prayer for him, that God might meet us both there and help us through.

Well, friends, I’d like to tell you that God just surrounded us in a cloud of grace and helped me find the words to say to the little boy, but what actually happened was that he head butted me in the face.  As I knelt there praying for him.

Friends, sometimes we get a literal head butt in the face and sometimes we get a metaphorical one.  Both sometimes cause watering eyes, but that doesn’t mean God wasn’t right there with me working in it anyway.  That’s the hope we have, friends.  Sometimes, when we get a head butt to the face, we don’t see any sense in it.  And how do you bring God glory by being head butted in the face?

Sometimes the only answer is that you didn’t shift your eyes from God even while the tears welled up.


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