After the Settle Down

My life the past few years has been one of constant flux. I came to Ohio for college. I met my husband. I travelled to the Middle East twice. I planned my wedding and got married before my senior year. I survived senior year driving back and forth two hours from where my husband and I live to where I went to school. I worked two jobs while doing all of that. I finally graduated. My husband and I bought a house, we moved in, and I got a new job just days before I graduated.

I almost got whiplash just putting all of that into the same paragraph. For so long, I have been constantly moving doing going yearning planning. My mode has been go go go go go.

For awhile after that I had purposefully set my mode to rest and recover. I settled into my job. I sought to settle into my new home and being married and living together full time.

I think what has happened since then is that I have settled. And now I’ve had a chance to breathe, catch my bearings, and take a look around. As I’m looking, I’m starting to ask myself Is this how it should be? Did I settle right? Is the life I am living the one I want?

As I sift through these thoughts and questions, I have decided to write every day in October to process my own thoughts and deeply consider my life, my goals, my efforts, and my attitude toward these things. I want to step back everyday and take a moment (or few) to really make sure I am setting my sights on the life I truly want.

How do I start that? If my endeavor has any hope, I know it has to start with seeking the Lord. My own sights have always been futile. Without my God, I set my sights on a rustle in the leaves when the real trophy is right behind me.

Will you join me for 31 Days of Setting My Sights? If so come back tomorrow, and we’ll seek the Lord together.


2 thoughts on “After the Settle Down

    • Thank you so much for reading! I loved what I saw and will probably use your post to help me along the way so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to following your series as well!

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