Why Does It Matter?


Why does it matter?

Where in the world did I get the idea for Accepting//Resisting?  Where did I come up with that?

For me it’s all about intentionality.  It’s about not passively accepting what life hands you and the place in life you find yourself in right now but assessing your life and your choices and actively accepting those areas that are life giving and resisting those that are life taking.

So for me, it’s all about accepting and resisting.


Accepting God’s graces.

Accepting that He has known each of us before we have known ourselves (Jeremiah 1:5).

Accepting who He made us to be and the gifts he did AND didn’t bestow upon us.


Resisting the lie that we need to be perfect to bear good fruit.

Resisting the lie that we need to be worthy to be loved.

Resisting the lie that the way our lives (or our selves) are currently is the way they’ll always be.


For me the absence of accepting and pervades our lives.  We seem to just skirt by, to just make it through the days.  And you know what?  Sometimes we have to accept that as our best.  But I think that we can make so much more of God and his plans for us if we could stop and assess which things in our lives we want to actively and wholeheartedly accept and which things we want to just as actively and wholeheartedly reject.

That is what I hope we’ll do this month.  And I hope you’ll join me.Image

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