Ooh, baby, life has been a-turning and a-changing.

This, for me, is more than anything a season of change.

A season of change.  A season of growth.  A season of confusion.  Of conviction.  Of hurt.  But all of these feelings–a symptom of change.

I believe God is doing great things in my life, and I believe his work is not done.  Thank the Lord, He WILL fulfill the good work he has begun.

The changes in my life are so monumental, they are hard to even touch on.  Of course, I am still learning to be a wife.  And I only have a few more weeks left before I start my senior year at Kenyon College, which I will write a post about when it comes closer.  But the newest, scariest, most exciting change of recent time is that I HAVE A JOB.


When put that way, it doesn’t sound that exciting, does it?  Oh, but let me tell you, friends, it is.

My job is with the same organization I have been interning at all summer, but instead of out-client therapy, I am now working with the residential program.  That means I am working with clients with severe emotional and behavioral problems on units where the clients live 24/7.  This position comes with a new and unprecedented amount of responsibility and pressure.  The likes of which I have never known.

I have never had a role which requires so much of me.  So much of my awareness.  My strength–emotional and physical.  My resolve.  My clear mind.  My bravery.  My calmness.  My maturity.  My boldness.  My stubbornness.  Oh Lord, it requires everything.  So, Lord, I require everything.  Every day now, I ask of you to heap and pour on your mercies, your grace, and your strength.  You have given me such a powerful, awesome, and terrifying opportunity, and I know it is a ministry from the Lord Almighty. Help me to treat it with that much intention and resolve.

The changes in my life are many, and they are kingdom business.  I can see God’s hand in my life now more than ever, and that means now more than ever, I must cling to Him and stay steadfast in His Word and Spirit if I am to have any hope.  I am also going to have to beg of you, my friends, for your prayers in this exciting and brewing time.

I don’t know where the path will take me through, but I know it ends at the feet of the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. you are in my thoughts more than you know and you know
    whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?….truly you will be stronger I know it in my heart. You have come so far on this struggle/road of life and you will be seeing it’s reward as you travel. Remember the things I learned from my grandma…….love the smell of home cooking, a good book is always a reward for hard work and love the things that are free in nature. Taking a walk can too restore your soul. It helps you remember all that god gives us to enjoy.

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