Remind Me Who I Am

Have you guys heard this song?

Not too long ago, I stopped listening to the local country station on my rides to and from my internship (and any other time I’m driving), because it became too pithy, depressing, and annoying.  Around the time I drive to my internship every morning, it has a program where people call in to have the radio hosts call a person they had gone out on a date with whom had never called them back for a second date.  The purpose of the segment is supposedly to help the callers get a second date, but it always ends up humiliating them by having the person who didn’t want to go out on a second date explain what social faux pas they pulled to make them worthy to get shut down.  Eventually, I felt like listening to the radio was draining because it was all drama-centered.

I started praying instead of listening to the radio, and that added such life into my day.  It put me in a much better place and has brought me closer to my Lord by adding more prayer into my day.

Since then, I have discovered Christian radio station, K-LOVE, which has the tag line, “Positive, Encouraging, K-LOVE.”  I have loved listening to this station.  Discovering new Christian music has added so much to my day-to-day and rediscovering old music has made me rediscover my faith journey and re-assess where I am now.

So when I heard “Remind Me Who I Am,” I was taken aback.  This song just speaks to me.  Especially now, I think.

How do we define ourselves?  By our job?  By our degrees?  Our role in our family?  Our choices?  Our mistakes?

None of those answers satisfy me.  None of them can really tell me who I am.  They can only tell you what you have tried to do with your life, what you have tried to make of yourself.  Or what people expect of you or you expect of yourself.

The only definition that can make me feel at home with myself, reassured and reaffirmed in my life, is the definition my Father gives me.

Because “when I lose my way, when I forget my name” He is the only one who can tell me who I am again.  Because sometimes when I look “in the mirror, all I see is who I don’t want to be.”  Only He can “remind me who I am in the loneliest places when I can’t remember what grace is.”

He is the only one who can teach us what grace is.  We cannot find our refuge or identity in any other place or in any other face.  And in this world, we often look to anyone but him.  We look to find our definition by the definition the people around us assign us.

But it doesn’t matter who we are to our boss, to our community, to our spouse… Because ultimately, the only way we can get in line with our true identity which will bless our bosses, our communities, and our spouses is by looking to Him and asking Him, “Lord, who am I to You?”

Do you know who you are to your Father?  How is that the same or different from what the Lord has told you about yourself?

What Christian songs bring you life?  How do you get encouragement and edification in your day-to-day?

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